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Learn how to achieve great "analog" style sound design with Arturia MINI V3

Learn how to make sounds that fit perfectly into your own tracks

The sound design videos are focussed on Deep / Melodic / Techno

What you will learn from this course:

Learn Synthesis & 'Analog' Sound Design with Arturia MINI V3 (Beginner & Intermediate Level)

Required Software: ARTURIA MINI V3 (or higher)

Interface and signal flow
Basics of synthesis
Complete guide to the MINI V3
Envelope shaping (ADS)
Creating pitch effects, LFO shapes and noise techniques
Creating state of the art sound designs
Bass sound design
Pad sound design
Lead sound design
Creative sound design
FX sound design
Designing signature sounds with Arturia MINI V3
Creating sounds as if we were using hardware synths

Class Curriculum

Part 1: Basics & Setup
Part 2: The Classic Mode of Arturia Mini V3
Overview, Menu and Loading Sounds / Presets (7:30)
Oscillator Bank (10:20)
Mixer Section (4:33)
(Free Preview) Envelopes: The ADSR Shape (5:02)
Filter Section (9:45)
Amplifier Section (2:32)
Polyphony and Play Modes (8:09)
Bend and Modulation Wheels (6:17)
Part 3: The Extended Mode
Arpeggiator (4:55)
LFO (4:33)
Motion Recorder (5:01)
Modulation Matrix (2:46)
Delay (3:07)
Chorus (3:41)
Vocal Filter (4:56)
Part 4: Sound Design Basics
Pad Sound Design "Innerbloom" (7:45)
Flute Sound (8:15)
Analog Lead (7:27)
Analog Bass (6:02)
(Free Preview) Effect Sound Design "White Noise" (5:51)
Groove Bass (4:30)
Pluck Square Bass (8:24)
Deepness Bass (4:56)
Part 5: More Sound Design Sessions
Designing a "Zulu" type Lead Sound
Analog LFO Bass / Lead
Transparent Pluck Sound
Deep "Tom" Bass
Fifths Lead Sound
Bonus Part I
(Free Preview) Bodzin / Rodriguez Style Moving Lead Sound (15:41)
How A Compressor Works (15:37)

What you're getting:

Course option 1:

30+ online video sessions with Francois / Production Music Live
3+ hours of video
lifetime-access, onetime payment
All presets we are designing in the course included
Bonus: 40+ Arturia MINI V3 "Deep / Melodic" presets

Over time, we will add more BONUS sound design videos from your suggestions to the course, so feel free to message us your ideas!

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