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Mesh Garden - Kairos Max For Live Sequencer screenshot
P2P | June 30 2018 | 159 KB
Kairos is a 16 notes polyphonic gridless sequencer. Its colorful notes can be placed anywhere in the phrase, in any order, to create expressive and unique sequences, with a duration from 1 to 8 bars. Including 3 independent randomization modes to find new sonic territories.

16 notes in any order, anywhere
with pitch, velocity and duration

(1) turn the 16 colored notes on
(left column for the long lines
right column for the short lines)
(2) place the notes in the sequencer
(3) adjust pitch, velocity and duration

Polyphony and chords

Overlap the lines to create chords and polyphony
up to 16 voices

Octave shift, transposition and duration modes

(4) 4 octaves shift
(5) 1 to 8 bars sequence duration
(6) chromatic transposition (-12 +12)

16 presets recall with MIDI mapping

16 MIDI and key mappable presets slots.
Change the presets in sync one after another.

Plus unlimited presets save and load.

Minimum System Requirements

Ableton Live 9 Suite
with Max for Live

download from free file storage

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K-Devices AutoTrig v1.0.1 Max for Live ALP-SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | June 22 2018 | 17.7 MB

AutoTrig is a MIDI notes generator designed to create mainly percussive beats and grooves with a different approach.

Four tracks are driven by a common time resolution, so they will always stay in sync, but each track hosts exclusive time handling parameters and trig processing operators, to create complex structures.

Multiple Always-in-sync Time Resolution

You set a main time resolution, then you can set ratio individually for each tracks, in order to get complex rhythmic structures.


Each track comes with multiple functions that will let you create your beats with an innovative approach.

Velocity Rules

Two tracks come with dynamic velocity settings, the other two have static velocity.

Chance Rules

The tracks with static velocity offer a chance-based system to trig multiple notes.

MIDI Notes or Audio Signal?

Use free included device MiMu6 to convert MIDI notes to Gate/Trig/CV signals!


Save up to four snapshots, recall them by hand, automation, or chance.

download from free file storage

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