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In this all-encompassing course, Jake Shanahan will provide you with a detailed guide on how to create a Future Bass track from start to finish in Logic Pro X. Instead of starting with the melody and main chord progression – like he usually does – Jake will start with the drums this time.

This is especially useful if you want to see how a simple drum loop with no melodic elements can be used to develop an entire song. He will also utilize plenty of Logic Pro stock effects and tools, showing you how far this DAW can be pushed.

Take the writing, arranging, sound design, mixing, and mastering techniques with you to your own projects in Logic Pro X and improve your productions now.

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In this course, join Nicholas Tchernov as he creates a uniquely structured Trap banger entirely within Logic Pro X. Starting with a jazzy, stripped-back break section, Nicholas quickly transitions into an absolutely infectious, stomping Trap drop that we can’t get enough of. The contrasting elements of the break and drop, as well as the style of this drop, was inspired by artists like Mr. Carmack and Quix.

Witness the entire creative process behind this track and pick up tons of practical tips and techniques along the way. Learn how to quickly and effectively lay down melodies, write progressions, program drums, design cool leads, and much more in Logic Pro X.

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Creating your very first song in a new DAW can be a daunting task. There are so many new features and plugins, and the layout or workflow is probably quite different than what you’re used to – or completely new if you’ve just started producing. - How to Make a Beat: Start to Finish - Racks + Project File screenshot
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Although seemingly simple on the surface, modern Hip Hop production is a subtle art that requires tons of practice. Thoroughly understanding each element in a beat and how they all fit together is absolutely crucial. - How to Make Dubstep: Start to Finish - Rift + FLP screenshot
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The depth and complexity of Dubstep can be pretty overwhelming for many producers. Writing, arrangement, mixing, and designing sounds in this genre takes tons of practice. To help you gain a better understanding of what goes into a Dubstep track, we created an extremely in-depth start to finish course – this time in FL Studio 12. - How To Make Future Bass: Start To Finish - Wanderlust + FLP screenshot
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The genre of Future Bass took the world by storm several years ago. Since then, it’s continued to grow and evolve as new artists surface and innovative iterations of the classic Future Bass style emerge.
How to Make Trap: Start to Finish - Trenches + FLP screenshot
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As many of you already know, Trap is a hard-hitting, epic genre of EDM that takes influence from Hip Hop drums, vocals, and even melodies. Genres like Hybrid Trap and Future Trap have pushed this space even further, opening up a world of possibility for producers everywhere. - FL Studio 12 Quick Start Course + FLP screenshot
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FL Studio 12 is the primary DAW for thousands of producers. Continuously polished and refined over the years, it comes packed with tons of features and programs that make producing fun and efficient. - How to Make House: Start to Finish - "Heartbeat" + FLP screenshot
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The genre of Future Bounce has seen a surge in popularity over that last few years. Artists like Mike Williams, Mesto, Brooks, and more have combined elements from Future House and Progressive House to create an extremely groovy, melodic style that we’ve come to know and love as Future Bounce. - Flex - How To Make Trap: Start To Finish + Ableton Live Project File screenshot
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EDM-influenced Trap music has become renowned for its hard-hitting 808s, aggressive leads, and Hip Hop percussion. With styles like Hybrid Trap emerging over the last few years, Trap continues to evolve and develop as artists experiment and push the space forward.

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