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KeepForest AizerX Series - Free Try Pack KONTAKT WAV [FREE] screenshot
KONTAKT: 241 MB | WAV: 348 MB
Aizerx Series - Free Try Pack is a toolkit of sound design instruments for modern trailer and cinematic music creation. It includes simplified version of our powerful AizerX engine and more than 100+ samples from future and already released expansions.

Aizerx Series - Free Try Pack consists of two independent parts: Kontakt Library and WAV files to work with the samples directly.

All the samples are Royalty Free.

Aizerx Series - Free Try Pack has a beautiful, user-friendly, outer space interface, inspired by the infinity of the universe just like the unlimited possibilities of the engine.

The main feature of Aizerx Series - Free Try Pack is the smart samples randomization for the creation of absolutely unique, custom and authentic sound effects with just one click, based on 6 modules, containing a huge AizerX library of fully customizable hybrid sound effects of the highest quality in different categories. Aizerx Series - Free Try Pack also offers deep sound customization by adjusting the parameters of each module or global and save them as presets.

AizerX - Trailer SFX Designer includes :

Brand-new powerful sound design engine
A lot of high quality sound design random possibilities


10 Braams
30 Trailer & Cinematic Hits
10 Short Hits
27 Sub Hits
11 Pulses
20 Tonal effects
10 Signals
50 Other effects from presets

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