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REQ: Boz Digital Labs – Gatey Watey

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Gatey Watey screenshot
Gatey Watey is a lightweight but clever gate plugin. Unlike traditional gates, Gatey Watey lets you choose which frequencies get attenuated when the level drops below the threshold, making for a much more natural sounding gate. It works great for getting rid of drum bleed without cutting off your drums, or de-noising electric guitars without cutting off the sustain. Basically, it’s how all gates should work, but for some reason, they don’t.
•Frequency selective gating
•Simple Interface
•No Learning Curve

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This course explores a number of creative Push workflow ideas that begin in different ways but all result in the construction of original rhythmic or melodic parts. As well as learning the workflow techniques themselves, Producertech Senior Tutor Rob Jones explains a wealth of other considerations along the way, from music theory principles to sonic mixing characteristics.

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REQ: Soundbits Artificial Intelligence

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REQ: Soundbits Artificial Intelligence screenshot

In this newly launched library collaboration, SoundBits and Monte Sound prove that sound designers are not a one trick pony.
Combining their love for sound design and hidden talent for voice acting, “Artificial Intelligence” features more than 2000 individual words and 100 ready-to-use phrases for your next Sci Fi production.

Introducing 6 one-of-a-kind synthetic voices with an infinite possibility of word combinations. Be it for a movies or games, “Artificial Intelligence” will help put a voice to your characters.

The library features a 96kHz, 24 bit version for lm productions and a 44.1kHz, 16 bit for game productions.

Number of Files: 2800 Stereo Files
Quality: 96 kHz / 24 Bit and 44.1 kHz / 16 Bit
Total Size: 3,28 GB

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REQ: MixWithTheMasters - Deconstructing a mix with Tchad Blake screenshot
We are pleased to announce that multi-Grammy winner Tchad Blake is back for a new "Deconstructing a Mix"!
In this 2h30 in-depth mixing video, he deconstructs the song "Mechanical moon" by Fiction Parc, entirely in the box.
Watch as Tchad Blake explains the entire process, from start to finish and guides you through his methods and workflow!

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REQ: ipMIDI v1.7

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MIDI over Ethernet ports - send MIDI over your LAN.
You can route MIDI over your Ethernet network, using ipMIDI ports to send and receive MIDI data between computers connected to your LAN. For example, if you have a music studio with several computers connected via MIDI interfaces and MIDI cables, ipMIDI will replace them all
Vickysoul is a talented singer, songwriter and producer who’s worked with D-Teck and Konvict Music in New York, writing and recording for artists including Snoop Dogg. She’s performed at concerts across Scandinavia, with some of the biggest names, as well as having her music on a number of TV dramas. She’s known for her smooth seductive and soulful RnB sound, and is currently recording her debut album.

Inside the pack is 953MB of content with 4 Full tracks comprising of Full Mixes and individual stems to mix and make your own. 20 Stems are included with Leads, Adlibs, Bridges and Harmonies – in addition to over 100 One Shot Adlibs with Dry and Wet versions. You can be sure of the utmost attention to detail in both performance and studio recording – delivering crystal clear vocals in 24 Bit quality.

At tempos from 89-120BPM, Vicky Soul Vocal Acapellas is ideal for House, Soul, Electronica, Downtempo and other genres. All content is key-labelled for immediate integration in your tracks.

In detail expect to find 953MB of content with 123 individual 24 Bit WAV files. 20 Vocal Loops are included with 8 Full Acapellas [4 Dry and 4 Wet], 3 Lead Vocals, 4 Harmonies, 3 Bridges, 1 Choir Overdub and 1 Adlib. 103 One Hit Samples are included with 50 Dry Vocal Adlibs and 53 Wet Vocal Adlibs. 2 Sampler Patches and 45 Rex2 files are also included.
Vickysoul Vocal Acapellas is a lush collection of modern, seductive Vocals to use in your music – ideal for urban orchestral music. Log in to download a free Taster pack, and check out the demos to hear more.

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REQ: Loopmasters – Disco House

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Bonar Bradberry Disco House Sessions delivers over 700MB of sounds, with Loops, One Hits, Sampler Patches and MIDI files to inspire your next disco fling! 212 Loops come in the pack, with groovy Basslines, swinging Drums, groovy Synth Tops, glassy Synths and tip-top Percussion. In addition to the Loops, you’ll find in excess of 250 One Hit Samples including rich Basses, sweet SFX, dazzling Drums and single-shot Synth heaven.

Each One Hit comes with a dedicated Sampler Patch for your favourite DAW making for immediate production pleasure wherever you are! Additionally, 11 stunning sounds have been Multi-sampled to put Synths and Basses at your fingertips. Disco House Sessions has parallel lines of audio and musical data included; with 19 MIDI files to sequence, transpose and tune within your tracks form the word go.

Bonar Bradberry Disco House Sessions comes at tempos from 115 to 124BPM, making it ideal for Disco, Synthwave, Electronica, House, Downtempo and many other genres.
In detail expect to find 709MB of content with 464 individual 24 Bit WAV files. 212 Loops are included with 38 Bass Loops, 30 Drum Loops, 6 FX Loops, 59 Synth Loops, 6 Kick Loops, 11 Synth Top Loops and 62 Top & Perc Loops [16 Percussion, 43 Top and 3 Hats]. 252 One Hits are included with 23 Bass Hits, 6 Multi Sampled Bass Instruments [49 Samples], 65 Drum Hits [11 Crashes, 13 Hats, 11 Kicks, 21 Percussions and 9 Snare / Claps], 24 SFX, 24 Synth Hits, 5 Multi Sampled Synth Instruments [67 Samples]. 19 MIDI files, 215 REX Loops and 69 Sampler Patches are included for NNXT, Halion SFZ, Exs24 and Kontakt.

Bonar Bradberry Disco House Sessions is a sleek collection of sounds to get your groove on from dusk till dawn! Log in to download a free taster pack and check out the demos for more information.

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REQ: LoopBeAudio v1.2

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Transfer audio screenshot

transfer audio between computer programs
A Virtual Audio Cable - An Audio Loopback Driver

LoopBeAudio is a virtual audio device to transfer audio between computer programs, digitally, without any quality loss.

Intimate Textures is designed to combine the organic sounds of violin, viola, and cello chamber string ensembles with Heavyocity's signature hybrid sound design, delivering a palette of cinematic orchestral textures.

Featuring extended techniques like vibrato waves and octave pulses, plus more traditional extended articulations like sul tasto and sul ponticello, Intimate Textures intends to enable composers to create unique orchestral landscapes.

Intimate Textures is powered by the NOVO engine, and features NOVO's processing capabilities, but it can be purchased and run separately, and does NOT require NOVO.

Recorded at Reservoir Studios in NYC, Intimate Textures features professional players, performing in three and four person violin, viola, and cello ensembles. These advanced technique performances deliver a lyrical sound, providing movement and texture with each note performed - designed for scoring to film, games, and television. Composers will find Intimate Textures to ready for their template, with its library of production-ready sounds and content. Intimate Textures features a 14.2 GB library including over 5,000 samples and 192 snapshots.

As a "powered-by-Kontakt" instrument, Intimate Textures offers all playback and sound-shaping functionality through the full version of Kontakt or the free Kontakt 5 Player. NOVO Packs offer a diverse array of independent orchestral expansion libraries housed in Heavyocity's critically-acclaimed NOVO: Modern Strings engine. Use of these packs will not require the purchase of NOVO.

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REQ: Blue-Cats PatchWork v2.0 OSX

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Blue Cat's PatchWork is a universal plug-ins patchbay that can host up to 64 VST, VST3 or Audio Unit plug-ins into any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) in one instance.

It is possible to chain effects in series or create up to 8 parallel chains that can be activated independently. This lets you create your favorite effects or instruments configurations within the plug-in, without the need for multiple busses. These configurations can be saved as presets and recalled instantly, or shared with multiple DAWs, using any plug-in format (full list below).

Despite the name, you can forget about wires or cables: configuring plug-ins routing is as simple as adding or removing a row or a column in the rack's matrix. All plug-ins can also communicate with each other or with the host application using the virtual MIDI ports offered by the plug-in.

For each plug-in slot, latency compensation, presets management, undo/redo integration, audio i/o selection and individual plug-in bypass are included for optimal operation. The plug-in also stores the position of the window for each plug-in so that the layout is restored with your session or saved with presets.

Also, sub plug-ins can be automated or controlled with external control surfaces using Blue Cat's PatchWork parameters mapping capabilities.

This product is available as an audio plug-in (effect or a virtual instrument) and standalone application, so that it can used alone or inserted on any type of track in your favorite DAW, with up to 16 audio channels.

Input and output level meters are also available to monitor the signal that is dispatched to inserted plug-ins, including side chain and aux channels.

Typical applications[u][/u]: Plug-ins host, custom channel strip, parallel processing, effects chainer, virtual bussing, virtual instrument, share bus and plug-ins configurations between DAWs, VST or Audio Unit to AAX, Audio Unit, RTAS or DirectX plug-in adapter, effect chains A/B comparison, standalone audio processing application.

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