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REQ: Obscure Techno – Audioreakt

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REQ: Obscure Techno - Audioreakt screenshot
Audioreakt is proud to introduce you his first Techno Sample Pack.

For this one, we tried to give an obscure feeling to our samples.

The sample pack provide everything that you need to create your next Techno masterpiece.

From heavy drum loops, to dark synth or saturated sub basseline, aggressive top and perc loop, you will find everything you need to start/finish your track.

More than 800Mb of perfectly crafted audio loops and sample shots are available inside.

All the loops are tempo and key labelled, the kick are key-labeled as well.

All samples come in high quality format Wav 44.1 KHz/24Bits and they are all 100% Royalty Free.

Pack Details:

• 625 Samples / Shots
• 40 Kick
• 31 Closed Hats 35 Open Hats 21 Claps
• 33 Snare
• 45 Percs
• 10 Ride
• 20 Bass Shots 20 Synth Shots
• 200 Drums Loops 60 Bass Loops 80 Synth Loops 30 Perc Loops


• 55 Midi Bass
• 80 Midi Synth

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REQ: Stan Kolev PROGRESSIVE A1 - Outta Limits screenshot
Beatport's Progressive House top charting and #1 selling artist Stan Kolev is back with his second massive sample pack you definitely don't want to miss!

Massive 1.56 GB in size, of the greatest tools and source of inspiration you have been waiting for.
REQ: Melodic Techno Vol.5 - Engineering Samples screenshot
Inspired by the biggest names of 2019's melodic Techno Music like Tale of Us, Mind Against, Stephan Bodzin, Mano Le Tough and many more this Pack is a must have for every Techno Producer out there!

Packed with over 607 MB full of beautiful melodic loops, this pack will give you all the Sounds you need for your own Production.

REQ: Rational Acoustics Smaart v8.3.1

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REQ: Rational Acoustics Smaart v8.3.1 screenshot
Smaart v8 is the Industry Leading, Dual Platform (Mac & PC), FFT-Based Audio Analysis Software. We use it in our work as audio engineers to view the frequency content of signals or measure the response of our electrical and electro-acoustic systems, all to better make informed decisions about the deployment and operation of those systems.

*** Numerous very important adds with v8.3 ! ***

REQ: RacksForLive – SP 404 SX Rack

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In our opinion, the iconic Roland SP 404 & SP 404 SX sampler is one of the best, yet most slept on production tools ever built! Here at Racksforlive, we've ran our own personal samples through our units and brought them here tastefully to you!
Hi people, I see alot of IQ sample libraries here, but not this one which is available on loopmasters. If anyone has this I would appreciate a share. I am interested in the whole zip file. Thanks.

Neki, a well-known experimenter with modern sound of ethnic music (also known as founder of Serbian project ShazaLaKazoo) shares his collection of ethnic flutes that he played in the context of deep electronic music. You can expect a variety of ethnic flutes in various tempos and styles, for use in a wide range of genres of modern music, such as deep, house, moombahton or downtempo, or even in film/theatre music.

This sample pack contains large number of short and long flute phrases at three main tempos - 95,110,125 BPM as well as single flute notes, plus 150 drums, percussion, bass and keys loops, 140 drum one shots and FX.

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REQ: RacksForLive Bundles

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FX Preset Bundle:

REQ: RacksForLive Bundles screenshot
We've made it super easy to snag our forever growing preset bundle library here! The Racksforlive FX Preset Bundle is one of a kind! Enjoy numerous presets to manipulate your sound from lo-fi, bit rate reduction, to stutter, to room and modulation of ambience, to generally getting a fatter sound to your tracks and individual instruments. When you want the icing on the cake, this bundle does it for you! This bundle of 10 FX presets will help you save on individual preset purchases!

Here's what you'll find:

Future Retro FX preset
EKO FX preset
Odd Things FX preset
Lofi Univox FX preset
Mo Phatt FX preset
Just for Kicks FX preset
Eff Yo Couch FX preset
Old Khan Yay FX preset
Fall Back preset
Fried Rings preset


Channel Strip Preset Bundle

REQ: RacksForLive Bundles screenshot
One of the most handy utility presets we off--our channel strip settings. Useful for all types of music across many genres. Looking to clear the mud out of your mix? We got you. Looking to add that bump to your low end? We got you. Need the crispiness to lift your vocals? We got you. 7 Channel enhancing presets to get you righteous!

Here's what you'll find:

Old Vinyl preset
Inferno preset
Dirty Mind preset
Another Sandwich preset
The Performer preset
Masta Busta Bust preset
Extra Salsa preset


Mixing Preset Bundle

REQ: RacksForLive Bundles screenshot

[center]We've created a great preset chain to allow you to begin the work of properly touch a great mix! Our mixing presets comes with mapped macros with a signal chain that is reminiscent of some of our favorite vintage hardware & emulations.

While every record & mix is different, we've provided you with a great base to start with. 7 presets from our fleet bundled together to help you save!

Here's what you'll find:

Scoop Deville preset
Put My Subs On preset
Bass Spready preset
Toan Moan preset
Never Lose Your Snare preset
1200 Kruncher preset
Trippin In Space preset

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REQ: Loopmasters VIBES Volume 5 - Southern State Rhythm & Blues screenshot
Loopmasters present the next VIBES Series with a heartfelt collection of traditional RnB. Jump in the caddy as we head southbound through the good ol U S of A for a historic Blues road trip.

Take an introspective trip to serener waters. OPALINE DRIFT echoes the blissful reverie of indie-electronica, shoegaze, and contemporary electronic styles – inspired by artists such as Tycho and Washed Out. With shimmering guitars, wistful synths, and warmly-textured drums, OPALINE DRIFT offers up a palette of iridescent colors and dreamy textures for building the foundations of sublime sonic excursions.

OPALINE DRIFT was created in collaboration with ModeAudio.

REQ: Brainworx bx_console SSL 4000 E

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Hello everyone,
I have looked everywhere, but there is no sign of this awesome plugin. It's been available since last year and still priced $349 at the website. Massive thanks to anyone that can share this gem.

The legendary sound of the Solid State Logic 4000 series consoles brought to you by Brainworx. With the power of TMT this officially licensed SSL plugin allows you to build a 72 channel analog console in your DAW. Harness the power of the most famous British console ever produced.

These console emulations were created using the original schematics and in close collaboration with the SSL team. Brainworx have also added powerful plugin-only features such as THD, a compressor mix parameter and V-Gain for authentic control of the analog signal path.

The new 4000 E/G Series plugins have been taken to the next level by SSL & BX engineers together:

Revisited Component Modeling with assistance of SSL engineers
Created using the original Solid State Logic 4000 E/G schematics
Completely overhauled EQ, Dynamics and Filter sections
New Brainworx features added: THD ALL & V-GAIN ALL


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