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Udemy: Master Your Voice - Starter Course screenshot
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280×720 | Audio: AAC, 48 KHz, 2 Ch
Language: English + .VTT | Duration: 2 hours | Size: 1.43 GB

Want to expand your vocal range, hit high notes with power and gain control of your voice?

Let's get started!

No matter whether you've been performing for 20 years or just love to sing karaoke, Master Your Voice - Starter Course will help you achieve your goals.

Here's what you'll learn:

Hit high notes without breaking or straining

Breath control: how to breathe correctly for singing

Expand your vocal range

Optimize your body for better vocal tone and clarity

Here's what you get:

5 modules of video training: You get access to 23 step-by-step HD video lessons. In each video, I’m right there showing you an exercise with the piano. For every new vocal technique, I'll show show you what it does and how and when to use it.

28 individual audio warm ups: After every exercise, you also get access to a full audio warm up so you can practice on the go. These high-quality recordings are separated into male and female keys, with demonstrations for each.

Who is the target audience?
Anyone looking to improve their voice from professional singers to total beginners.

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PUREMIX: Carlos El Loco Bedoya Mixing Ricardo Arjona TUTORiAL screenshot
Audioz | 28th August 2018 | 1.95 GB
Watch Carlos "El Loco" Bedoya Mix Ricardo Arjona
Carlos El Loco Bedoya has worked with influential artists such as Beyonce, Missy Elliot, Weezer, Enrique Iglesias and Ricardo Arjona.
Stefan Grossman's Bawdy Blues for Fingerstyle Ukulele TUTORiAL MP4 MP3 PDF screenshot
MP4, MP3 & PDF | AudioZ Exclusive | 1.07 GB
The blues has always been spiced with suggestive metaphors. This collection of bawdy blues songs celebrates the off-color blues repertoire: Bessie Smith is wild about her kitchen man's turnip tops, but Bo Carter's pencil won't write no more! There's lots of variety, with songs from the 1930s, 40s and 50s; some are simple three-chord blues tunes and others have beautiful, ragtime chord changes.

Fred shows you how to play accompaniment and solos for all the songs. The evocative titles include Ain't Got Nobody to Grind My Coffee (Clara Smith), She's Your Cook But She Burns My Bread Sometimes and My Pencil Won't Write No More (Bo Carter), Kitchen Man (Bessie Smith), Big Ten Inch (Bull Moose Jackson), You Can't Tell the Difference After Dark (Alberta Hunter), and the holiday perennial Let's Make Christmas Merry, Baby (Amos Milburn).

You'll learn to accompany yourself singing the songs, and how to play a fingerstyle instrumental version of each one. Fred's easy-going instructional style, his tips on playing the arrangements, and his slowed-down, split-screen performances of each tune make learning easy. All the arrangements are written out in tab and music as well...both the backup and solos.

76 minutes - Level 2 - Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

VIDEO: 1280x720 1811 kbps 59.94 fps 01:16:46
AUDIO: 127 kbps 44.100 kHz

This exclusive release was generously supplied to us by our member philosopher
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Homespun Essential Exercices for Fingerstyle Guitar with Peter Huttlinger AVI PDF screenshot
AVI PDF | AudioZ Exclusive | 416.93 MB
An accomplished fingerstyle guitarist needs to have full control of his or her picking hand along with a complete knowledge of the guitar fingerboard. Peter Huttlinger provides you with the advice, practice routines and exercises that will enable you to play with good tone, strict timing and confidence.

Audioz|8 July 2018|2GB
Watch Ryan Hewitt Mix The Lumineers
As one of the staples of the indie-folk genre, The Lumineers have seen the heights of the charts several times. In April of 2016, the band released the hit song Angela, with a meticulously crafted arrangement and sonic landscape.

In this exclusive, Grammy award-winning engineer and mixer, Ryan Hewitt, goes inside the mix and deconstructs the song piece by piece, going further than simple mixing techniques to explain the effect that a great arrangement can have to build excitement and take the listener on a journey, from a simple guitar and vocal song to a full-blown orchestral climax.
During this 2 hour video, Ryan explains how he:
Achieved the iconic vocal sound that establishes a connection between the singer and the audience
Created bass guitar tones that translate to small speakers
Added forward-driving momentum to unique percussion tracks
Creates contrast and scene changes as the song moves from section to section, all building up to an emotional finish
This is your chance to sit next to Ryan Hewitt, and take a behind the scenes look at the creation of an indie folk smash hit.
After you've seen the video, download the stems and mix it for yourself.

Equipment & Software
Audio Ease Altiverb 7
Avid AIR Stereo Width
Avid DYN3 Expander / Gate
Avid EQ3 7-Band
FabFilter Pro-L
FabFilter Pro-Q2
Sound Toys Devil-Loc
Sound Toys EchoBoy
UAD 1176LN
UAD EL7 Fatso Sr
UAD EP-34 Tape Echo
UAD Fairchild 670
UAD Neve 1073
UAD Precision DE-ESSER
UAD Pultec EQP-1A
UAD SSL E Channel Strip
UAD Teletronix LA-2A
Waves C6
Waves Doubler 4
Waves H-Delay
Waves REQ 6

Chandler Limited Curve Bender
Manley Massiv Passive EQ
Smart C2

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Mixing Tips Clinic with David Campos And Bobby Owsinski FREE screenshot
MP4+PDF|5th May|136MB
Free Mixing Tips Clinic by David Campos And Bobby Owsinski
Mark Hanson How to Play Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Solos DVD5 screenshot
Video: MPEG Video, 720x480, 29.970 FPS, 5996 kb/s | Audio: AC-3 , 48.0 kHz, 2 channels, 192 kb/s | 3.43 GB
On this rich and informative session, Grammy-winning guitarist and acclaimed author Mark Hanson teaches you how to play compelling acoustic blues guitar arrangements using fingerstyle techniques. You’ll learn beautiful and complex versions of Every Night When the Sun Goes In and Stick With Me Baby, an extended, bluesy guitar solo for the classic Amazing Grace, and Mark’s sprightly ragtime composition Riff Raff. As an added bonus, Mark is shown playing his highly regarded and much sought after arrangement of The Water is Wide.
TrueFire Allen Hinds' Melodic Improv TUTORiAL MP4 MP3 PDF screenshot
There are more guitar players today with incredible technical chops then ever before. Yet, so many of their solos and improvisations sound a bit dry and lifeless. This is often because they’re too focused on developing technical skills and strictly following harmonic rules and rhythmic approaches rather than letting their ears and emotions guide their note choices and phrasing.
Producertech - Psytrance Production in Logic Pro screenshot
TUTORiAL | 1.58 GB
Psytrance is one of the most distinctive styles of electronic music, characterised by its psychedelic, spiritual atmosphere and high tempo, driving rhythms. This new course from Re:Creation provides all the knowledge needed to create your own futuristic psytrance tunes from scratch.
Hands On Maschine JAM - Der optimale Einstieg TUTORiAL GERMAN screenshot
Mit diesem Videotraining gelingt der mühelose Einstieg in Maschine JAM – dem intuitiven Produktions- und Performance-Tool von Native Instruments.

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