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Keyboard Wizardry by Jordan Rudess reveals useful hints and unique exercises designed to increase your technical abilities and bring you to a higher level of musicianship. One of the most respected keyboardists in the world, Jordan Rudess has played with many world-class artists such as the Dixie Dregs, Liquid Tension Experiment, Rudess/Morgenstein Project, the Paul Winter Consort, and is now the keyboardist with Dream Theater. This informative DVD demonstrates Jordan's extensive keyboard mastery, but the various exercises, tips, and musical insights will also be of extraordinary value to any instrumentalist.

Topics covered include:
- Improvising leads
- Pitch-bending and vibrato techniques
- Rhythm Training
- Harmony and voice-leading

Technical exercises:
- Synth-programming
- Bass-line construction

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Let's block ads! (Why?) - Ultimate Guide To Compression [FREE] screenshot
Download this book to learn everything you need to know about compression. - Fluid Phrasing: Tasteful Sweeps (Video Guitar Lesson) MP4 MP3 PDF GPX screenshot
MP4 MP3 PDF GPX | AudioZ Exclusive | 2.5 GB
Truly mastering the sweep picking technique can really help you get a fluid quality in your phrasing.

This course will take you from the very basics, with the mechanics of the technique discussed in great detail, to where you start to really integrate the technique in your playing, without even thinking about it. Superimposing Get A Jazzy Sound Instantly (Video Guitar Lesson) PDF MP4 screenshot
PDF MP4 | AudioZ Exclusive | 318.96 MB
Superimposing is an essential concept you need to understand to get a jazzy sound when you’re improvising. In this lesson will learn you the basic concept, and see how even the simplest ideas can be turned into something complex sounding and hip.
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SYNTHiC4TE | August 04 2017 | 1.04 GB
David Bock’s microphone recipes
a film by Alain Le Kim

David Bock has a long experience in the world of microphones. He worked in the most prestigious big studios in New York, and Los Angeles. His serie of microphones is inspired by the long legacy of the famous vintage mics of the fifties.

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