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AudioSpillage Elecktroid v1.0.3 MacOSX Incl. Keygen - HEXWARS screenshot
AU32/64 | TEAM HEXWARS 2018 | 23.06.18
Elecktroid is a high-quality sample based instrument with a fully integrated 8 track rhythm sequencer. 4 original drum synthesis algorithms round out the package.

Rhythm Sequencer
Elecktroid features an original rhythm oriented step sequencer. Track lengths can be adjusted independently and a probability value can be assigned to any step in a sequence. Patterns can be played live or from the DAW via MIDI note messages. Note resolution is switchable from 8th to 64th note precision using a resolution independent design. Each track features 2 control graphs for varying the sample/synth playback controls in realtime.

Sample Playback
Elecktroid's sample playback engine is a high quality low noise oversampling design that produces clean results when re-pitching samples up and down. Load your existing sample collections via the simple drag-and-drop interface. Enhance with the pitch envelope, modulation, distortion, filter and loop editing capabilities. Elecktroid will velocity cross-fade between 2 sample layers and accepts WAV, AIFF and CAF format files.

Drum Synthesis
In Elecktroid you'll find a subset of our exclusive drum synthesis models: bass drum, wood drum, hi-hat and snare. The drum synths are 100% algorithmic and utilise high-quality DSP code for a deep, powerful and punchy sound. The synthesis algorithms could be used as the foundation for an entire rhythm track or layered with samples to add weight, depth and character to your existing sound sets.

FX + Realtime Control
Elecktroid provides powerful MIDI controller and velocity mapping abilities to help you create the dynamics you need in a live performance or composition. To finish your drum sounds take advantage of the onboard frequencer shifter, lo-fi reduction processor and modulation effects.

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