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The Rhino Records Story: Revenge of the Music Nerds ePub screenshot
English | 2013 | ISBN: 1590791282 | 416 Pages | 19.1MB
In the 1970s in the backroom of a record store, Harold Bronson and Richard Foos were making history—and so, Rhino Records was born. Harold Bronson.s The Rhino Records Story tells the tale of how a little record shop became a multimillion dollar corporation.

Mindfulness in Music ePub

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Mindfulness in Music ePub screenshot
English | 147 Pages | 24 May 2018 | 3.0MB
Mindfulness in Music is a joyful exploration into the meditative nature of music and its holistic beauty. Mark Tanner reveals how composers and musicians have always embraced mindful connections, and how everyone can cherish the same life-affirming chords.
Inner City Pressure: The Story of Grime [Audiobook ePub] screenshot
English | 24 May 2018 |
Audiobook .MP3@64 kbps.: 298.3MB | ePub .336 Pages.: 9.6MB

The definitive history of the most innovative, thrilling and controversial music of the 21st Century – grime.
Eight Lectures on Experimental Music PDF screenshot
English | 2017 | ISBN: 0819577634 | 159 Pages | PDF | 1.02 MB
In this brilliant collection, path-breaking figures of American experimental music discuss the meaning of their work at the turn of the twenty-first century. Presented between 1989 and 2002 at Wesleyan University, these captivating lectures provide rare insights by composers whose work has shaped our understanding of what it means to be experimental: Maryanne Amacher, Robert Ashley, Philip Glass, Meredith Monk, Steve Reich, James Tenney, Christian Wolff, and La Monte Young. - Introduction To FabFilter Software: Mixing & Mastering Tools screenshot
MP4 | 1.97 GB
Almost every single DAW out there comes with amazing built-in plugins that allow you to process audio in unlimited ways. However, as powerful as they are, third party plugins usually have an edge over them.

REQ: Rob Papen Go2 WiN

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Hi musicians,

I would like to see the Rob Papen Go2 here after hearing trhe demo.
Maybe someone could do something for that....

Noiiz Sound Textures WAV

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Noiiz Sound Textures WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC | 24 May 2018 | 385 MB
Sound Textures is a collection of textural and static foley recordings for shaping your music with familiar and not so familiar sonic textures.

Captured in extreme detail so you can hear every little bristle, crackle and scrape, the sounds lend themselves perfectly to layering with lush harmonic content, adding high frequency depth to a mix or bringing in-the-box sounds to life.

Fuse Audio Labs F-59 v1.0 CE-V.R

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Fuse Audio Labs F-59 v1.0 CE-V.R screenshot
TEAM V.R | May 23 2018 | 3.69 MB
The F-59 is a recreation of the '58 – '60 era classic that set the course for decades of guitar amplification technology. Offering a wide range of tones the plugin tries to stay true to the original vibe while adding some convenient features in the digital domain.

The F-59 comprises a faithful emulation of both preamplifier channels, the legendary tone stack network as well as the power amplifier including the revision A presence filter feedback circuit. A cabinet simulation and a linear level control have been added to meet the demands of ITB work flow. The cabinet stage can be bypassed for use with your preferred IR or cabinet emulation suite.
Fuse Audio Labs TCS-68 v1.2.0 CE-V.R screenshot
TEAM V.R | May 23 2018 | 6.15 MB
Fuse Audio Lab has launched the TCS-68, an audio effect that pays homage to one of the most iconic cassette tape based 8-track recorders.

The TCS-68 cassette tape channel effect includes a faithful recreation of the preamp, the tape system and the EQ.
Fuse Audio Labs Bucket-500 v1.2.0 CE-V.R screenshot
TEAM V.R | May 23 2018 | 4.43 MB
Bucket-500 is an authentic emulation of a bucket brigade .BBD. based analog delay circuit. Fuse Audio Labs added some convenient features in the digital domain including a tilt filter in the feed­back path, a stereo cross-feed option and an optional delay clock LFO to al­low for flanging effects. They also extended the original delay time range to 10..1000ms and included a host tempo sync facil­ity. It's possible to switch between insert and send mode.

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